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Practice in Nebraska

Why You Should Join the Nebraska Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Read this article about the reasons why students should join their state association. Check out these volunteer opportunities with the Nebraska Speech-Language-Hearing Association (NSLHA).

NSLHA's current state advocacy priority issues include:

  • Speech-language-hearing interstate compact
  • Securing funding for HearingU

Through NSLHA's state advocacy efforts, the Nebraska Legislature has approved hearing aid coverage for children.


Cyberbullying Awareness

Bullying and Substance Abuse: Who It Affects and Why

Parents' Guide to Helping Teens Recover from Addiction

Voice, Speech and Language Disorders

Voice, Speech and Language Disorders

Speech Therapy Tools for Graduate Students

Speech Therapy Tools for Graduate Students

Scholarship Resources

The Nebraska Speech-Language-Hearing Endowment Fund (NSLHEF) awards three $1,500 scholarships to students that are Nebraska Speech-Language-Hearing Association members. Download the scholarship application.

Student Loans

University of Delaware students conducted research and determined that 76% of current college students do not understand the major differences between private student loans and federal student loans. They found that over 90% of students underestimate the cost of student debt. Download their comprehensive private student loans guide.

It covers the following information:
- In-depth comparison of the different private student loan options
- Risks of using private student loans
- Information about servicing
- Information about interest rates
- Application process and eligibility requirements


Our Impact This Year

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