Nebraska Speech-Language-Hearing Association (NSLHA)

Online Membership Application (for new members only)


Note: If you join for the first time during the third or fourth quarter of the fiscal year, your dues are pro-rated. If you complete the paper version of the membership application, calculate your pro-rated dues amount by taking the total amount of dues and dividing it by 12. The remaining number of months left in the current fiscal year is your dues amount. If you join online during the third quarter or fourth quarter, the pro-rated dues amount is automatically calculated for you.

NSLHA membership allows all of us to be a collective voice in impacting and influencing public policy and regulations at the state and federal levels. Through NSLHA, we can continue to enhance our skills as audiologists or speech-language pathologists through education opportunities, NSLHA Connects (our member only Facebook group), through our Facebook page, and through our Twitter feed. We can also share our clinical specialty with fellow members, to help all of us grow professionally. All of these membership benefits help us to make new friends and contacts to support one another in our profession. 

Complete a paper version of the membership application.