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Schools Committee
Chair: Theresa Mourey
Role: Addresses current practices and issues relative to speech, language, and hearing services in the school, and monitors, reviews, and recommends association action on state, federal and ASHA legislation which affects the speech/language pathologists and audiologists working in school environments. Current issues include:

    • Developed and provided Telepractice guidelines for consideration by the Nebraska Department of Education (NDE).
    • Provided the NDE with SLI verification guidelines for consideration as part of the department's new eligibility guidelines to be included in the appendix of Nebraska’s Rule 51.
    • Shared Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) resources for Tier 1 with members. The committee continues to review and add to the Tier 1 resources and share additional materials for Tier 2 interventions that school based SLPs can consider and share with their specific school districts during the development of MTSS.
    • Working on a plan to open communication between school-based SLPs, medical-based SLPs, private practice SLPs and physicians in providing speech therapy for students. This will involve discussing roles, collaboration, eligibility for school-based services based on Nebraska’s Rule 51 guidelines, lines of communication and overall support to families in positive ways.
    • Continue working with NDE to explore the development of SLP-A programs in the state of Nebraska.

School-Based SLP Resource Page (Members Only)

Public Relations Committee
Contact: Mitzi Ritzman
Role: Suggests content for the NSLHA website and suggests information to post NSLHA Connects (Facebook group) and the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Oversees marketing activities as they relate to membership recruitment, engagement and promotion of the audiology and speech-language pathology professions. Promotes Better Hearing and Speech Month in Nebraska. Selects NSLHA’s Better Hearing and Speech Month representatives.

Legislative Affairs Committee
 Jessica Thoene
Role: Works with the NSLHA lobbyist to develop strategies to monitor and respond to legislation and licensure issues on behalf of audiologists and speech-language pathologists. Provides resources and information to help NSLHA members build relationships with their lawmakers. Helps plan the program for the annual NSLHA Legislative Day at the State Capitol. Supports issues and concerns related to speech, language, and hearing professionals in schools, clinics, hospitals, research facilities, industry and universities throughout the state of Nebraska. Attends legislative committee hearings and testifies on behalf of NSLHA as needed.

Insurance and Reimbursement Committee
Audiology Chair:
 Leisha Eiten
Speech-Language Pathology Chair: Jessica Thoene
Role: Works with the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and Medicaid managed care organization representatives to resolve issues, with a focus on providing the best quality care and services possible to clients. Identifies possible solutions and offers recommendations to DHHS. The committee also regularly discusses changes in regulations, processes and reimbursement that affect audiology and speech-language pathology services and offers constructive comments to DHHS.

Continuing Education Committee
 Nikki Scott
Role: Solicits feedback from members regarding professional development and continuing education needs. Contacts prospective speakers. Plans education for NSLHA professional development and continuing events, including: Fall Convention and webinars.

Membership Committee
 Nikki Kopetzky
Role: Oversees marketing activities as they relate to membership recruitment, engagement and promotion of the audiology and speech-language pathology professions.