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Honors and Awards

NSLHA Awards

Think about professionals who have earned recognition as “outstanding contributors in their field” and take time to nominate those individuals who warrant such recognition.  These awards include the following:

American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation (

  • The Rolland J. Van Hattum Award is made to one individual in recognition of exemplary commitment and contribution to the delivery of audiology and/or speech-language pathology services within a school setting.  A nominee for the Rolland J. Van Hattum Award should demonstrate outstanding commitment and specific contribution to the delivery of audiology and/or speech-language pathology services in a school setting.
  • The Louis M. DiCarlo Award for Recent Clinical Achievement recognizes an individual's significant accomplishments in the advancement of clinical service in speech-language pathology and/or audiology. The criteria include providing a description of a specific clinical achievement by the nominee within the last 6 years.
  • The Frank R. Kleffner Lifetime Clinical Career Award honors an individual's exemplary contributions to clinical science and practice over a period of no less than 20 years. Areas of achievement may be in administration, research, teaching, or supervision.

Nebraska Speech-Language-Hearing Association (

  • Honors of the Association is given to an individual who has been active in NSLHA and/or volunteered for the association. The individual may be an audiologist or speech-language pathologist in the clinical or school setting. Download a nomination form. Nominations are due August 7, 2020.
  • The Recognition of Service Award is given to an individual in recognition of exemplary commitment and contribution to the field, with an emphasis on specific contributions within the last 6 years. Areas of achievement may be in audiology or speech-language pathology and may be in either the school or clinical setting. Download a nomination form. Nominations are due August 7, 2020.
  • The Meritorious Service Award is given to a person or organization that supports people with communication disorders.  These individuals are from outside the fields of audiology and speech-language pathology. Download a nomination form. Nominations are due August 7, 2020.
  • The Young Leadership Award recognizes current students or young professionals in speech-language pathology and audiology who have demonstrated leadership abilities and/or who show potential to become leaders of NSLHA.The intent is to foster and recognize leadership efforts within the speech-language-hearing profession in Nebraska. Download a nomination form. Nominations are due August 7, 2020.

Honors & Awards


2004    John Bernthal

2007    Kenya Taylor
2006    Jeff Hoffman
2004    Polly Ubben

2012    Patricia Stelmachowicz
2009    Annie Bird
2007    Joseph Caniglia
2006    David Beukelman
2005    Marsha Sullivan
2002    Katherine Falconer

2011    Joan Cahalan
2007    Linda Safranek
2006    Paula Hopkins
2003    Jenise Straight
2001    Sydney Kruse

2005    Laura Ball
2019    Josh Sevier


2020   Jessica Thoene
2019    Mitzi Ritzman
2018    Marc Brennan
2017    Cindy Johnson
2016    Staci Stoehr
2014    Steve Boney
2012    Alicia Davis
2011    Joan Cahalan
2010    Kebbelin Himmelberg
2009    Leisha Eiten
2008    Sue Rowland
2007    Ryan McCreery
2006    Cindy Snyder
2005    Dale Robinson
2004    Jim Boggs
2003    Ann Alexander
2002    Toni Morehouse
2001    Vera Lee Brodine

2020   Tricia Gillett
2019   Jennifer Pike
2018   Courtney Kurtenbach
2017   Cindy Brunken
2016   Tyler Fletcher
2014    Norma Jo Majerus
2012    Stacie Ray
2011    Amy Hessel
2010    Larry Honke
           Roger McGargil
           Jim Schilling
2009    Lauren Thomas Kincaid
2008    Vernae Luhr
2007    Jody Spalding
2006    Kathy Miklas
2005    Sharon Petersen
2004    Newell Decker
2003    Larry Honke
           Roger McGargill
           Jim Schilling
2002    Deanne Splattstoesser
2001    Wanda Essex

2020    Scott Wieskamp
2019    Senator Carol Blood
2018    Nebraska Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
2017    Austin and Erin Schindler
2016    Autism Society of Nebraska
2015    Stacey Falk
2014    Janette Bereuter
2013    Mrs. Don Linner
2011    Omaha Southwest Sertoma Club
2010    Kris Elmshaeuser – ESU #16 Administrator
2009    Walter Canney-Lincoln Laryngectomee Support Group
2008    Margene Beatty—ESU #16 Administrator
2007    Scottish Rite Masons of Nebraska
2006    Senator Dennis Byars
2005    Gateway Sertoma Club of Lincoln
             Kent Pavelka—Omaha
             Deb Feraka—Lincoln Down Syndrome Assoc
2004    Lisa Clark—Lincoln parent
2002    Patrick Delin—Lincoln Web designer
2001    P.A. Gasseling—Kearney physician

2020    Rachel Culross Nielsen
2019    Andrea Kremeier
2018    Kelsey Sheridan
2017    Josh Sevier
2016    Garrett Nathan

2019-20 Sherri Jones
2017-18 Marc Brennan
2016    Shari DeVeney
2015    Jill Kumke
2014    Steve Boney
2013    Steve Kinkead
2012    Cindy Johnson
2011    Leisha Eiten
2010    Deanne Splattstoesser
2009    Kebbie Himmelber
2008    David Mendlik
2007    Sue Rowland
2006    Mary Friehe
2005    Staci Stoehr
2004    Sara Reichmuth
2003    Ande Olson
2002    Toni Morehouse
2001    Kenya Taylor

2020 Michell Ruskamp – VP Membership
          Tricia Gillett – VP Schools
2019  Marc Brennan – Past President
          Candace Grantham – VP Education
          Josh Sevier – VP Advocacy
          Kristy Weissling – VP Medical
2018  Shari DeVeney – Past President
          Judy Harvey – Vice President
          Candace Grantham – Vice President-Elect
          Leslie Van Winkle – Region 1 Representative
          Mitzi Ritzman – Region 2 Representative
          Delanie Hudnall – Region 3 Representative
          Jessica Thoene – Region 4 Representative
          Molly Walz – Region 5 Representative
          Martha Douglas – Region 6 Representative
          Whitney Schneider-Cline – Newsletter Editor
          Jan Moore – ASHA Advisory Council Representative
          Kristy Weissling – ASHA Advisory Council Representative
          Sagan Ruskamp – UNO NSSLHA Student Representative
          Suzanne Onkka – UNL NSSLHA Student Representative
          Nicole Swanson – UNL SAA Representative
          Madison Sloup – KSSLHA Student Representative

2017 Natalie Lenzen – Vice President
         Julianne Svingen – Region 1 Representative
         Michell Ruskamp – Region 3 Representative
         Emalee Napier – UNO NSSLHA Student Representative
         Megan Poppert – UNL NSSLHA Student Representative
         Nicole Swanson – UNL SAA Representative
         Amanda Evert – KSSLHA Student Representative

2016    Jill Kumke - NSLHA Past President
            Anne Anderson - NSLHA Vice President and Continuing Education Committee Chair
            Kendell Simms - NSLHA Vice President-Elect and Continuing Education Committee Vice Chair
2015    Steve Boney - NSLHA Past President
            Kelly Pritchett, NSLHA Vice President and Continuing Education Committee Chair
            Nikki Kopetzky, NSLHA Region 2 Representative
            Mitzi Ritzman, ASHA Advisory Council Representative
            Ellie Spanel, UNL Student Representative
            Bashayer Hammadi, UNO Student Representative
            Brooke Thorell, UNK Student Representative

2014   Steve Kinkead - Past President
           Noel Griffith, NSLHA Vice President and Continuing Education Committee Chair
           Joanie Cahalan, NSLHA Secretary
           Steve Kinkead, NSLHA Past President
           Mindi Huff, Region IV Representative
           Martha Douglas, Region VI Representative
           Alaina Bassett, Audiology Student Representative
           Sarah Inman, Speech-Language Pathology Student Representative
           Sue (Rowland) Showers, Legislative Affairs Committee Co-Chair
           Kelly Wacker, Legislative Affairs Committee Co-Chair
           Andrea McGregor, Public Relations Committee Chair
           Vicki Rutter, Schools Committee Co-Chair
2013    Cindy Johnson - Past President
           Brandon Skocz - Vice President
           John Bernthal - ASHA Advisory Council
           Cristi Copsey-Gaffneyy - Region V Representative
2012    Leisha Eiten - Past President
             Paula Hopkins - Vice President/Convention Chair
             Brenda Clark – Secretary
             Kebbelin Himmelberg – Chair Schools Committee
             Cathy Schroeder – Chair of Public Relations Committee
             Grace Lallman - SLP Student Representative
             Chelsea Blom - Audiology Student Representative
2011    Deanne Splattstoesser-Past President
             Melissa Harmon- Vice President/Convention Chair
             Bridgette Lancaster-SLP Student Representative
2010    Kebbie Himmelberg-Past President
             Judy Harvey-Vice President/Convention Chair
             Vera Lee Brodine-Region 4 Representative
             Stephanie Ansley-Region 6 Representative
             Ryan McCreery-ASHA Advisory Council
             Carol Gaebler-Clinical Services East Committee Chair
             Lil Larson-University of Nebraska-Kearney Student Advisor
             Rebecca Hoesing-Student Representative
2009    David Mendlik-Past President
             Polly Ubben- Vice President/Convention Chair
             Cindy Johnson-Region 3 Representative
             Cristi Copsey-Gaffney-Nominations Chair
2008    Sue Rowland—Past President
             Alicia Davis—Vice President/Convention Chair
             Carol Bowen—Region 2 Representative
2007    Mary Friehe—Past President
             Kebbie Himmelberg—Vice President/Convention Chair
             Kay Mader—Region 3 Representative
             Lynn Jackowiak—Treasurer
             LeEllen Haynes—Schools West
             Cindy Snyder—Legislative Affairs
             Kenya Taylor—ASHA Legislative Councilor
2006    Staci Stoehr—Past President
             Laura Ball—Vice President/Convention Chair
             Kay Mader—Region 3 Representative
             David Mendlik—Treasurer
             Kathy Miklas—Secretary
             Dyann Rupp—Newsletter Editor
              Jodi Grabast—Newsletter Editor
2005    Sara Reichmuth—Past President
             Sue Rowland—Vice President/Convention Chair
             Sharon Petersen—Region 6 Representative
             Deanne Splattstoesser—Web Site Administrator
             Newell Decker—Past President Endowment Fund
             Chris Kemp—Schools West Committee Co-Chair
2004    Ande Olson—Past President
             Kathy Miklas—Vice President/Convention Chair
             Doy Hergert—Region 5 Representative
             Deanne Splattstoesser—Secretary
2003    Toni Morehouse—Past President
             Ann Rodhouse—Vice President/Convention Chair
             Matt Rumsey—Region 1 Representative
             Jude Otto—Region 5 Representative
             Jim Boggs—SEALs Represenative
2002    Kenya Taylor—Past President
             Dee Ann Higgins—Vice President/Convention Chair
             Joel Halpine—Region 2 Representative
             Terri Vontz—Newsletter Editor
2001    Ann Alexander—Past President
             David Mendlik—Vice President/Convention Chair
             Paige Neill—Region 5 Representative
             Steve Boney—Legislative Councilor
             Ann Rodhouse—Vice President & Convention Chair
             Matt Rumsey—Region 1 Representative
             Jude Otto—Region 5 Representative
             Jim Boggs—SEALs Represenative


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