NSLHA Legislative Update and Survey

The Nebraska Legislature has 18 new state senators. To assist NSLHA with advocacy and legislative efforts, please take a few minutes to complete this survey about any contacts or relationships that you may have with Nebraska's state senators. This is very helpful as opportunities arise to work with senators on various issues impacting speech-language-hearing services.

The Nebraska Legislature kicked off last week with the election of a speaker and committee chairs. Senator Galen Hadley (District 37 - Kearney) was elected Speaker of the Legislature and Senator Bob Krist (District 10) was elected Chair of the Executive Board. Standing Committee Chairs are as follows:

  • Agriculture - Senator Jerry Johnson (District 23)
  • Appropriations - Senator Heath Mello (District 5)
  • Banking, Commerce and Insurance - Senator Jim Scheer (District 19)
  • Business and Labor - Senator Burke Harr (District 8)
  • Education - Senator Kate Sullivan (District 41)
  • General Affairs - Senator Tyson Larson (District 40)
  • Government, Military and Veterans Affairs - Senator John Murante (District 49)
  • Health and Human Services - Senator Kathy Campbell (District 25)
  • Judiciary - Senator Les Seiler (District 33)
  • Natural Resources - Senator Ken Schilz (District 47)
  • Nebraska Retirement Systems - Senator Jeremy Nordquist (District 7)
  • Revenue - Senator Mike Gloor (District 35)
  • Transportation and Telecommunications - Senator Jim Smith (District 14)  
  • Urban Affairs  - Senator Sue Crawford (District 45)

View the full roster of committees and members.

January 21, 2015 was the last day of bill introduction. The NSLHA Legislative Affairs Committee members will be meeting with NSLHA's lobbyist to review the list of bills and identify priority issues that impact you and your clients.

All introduced bills will have a public hearing. For reference, the legislative floor action and committee hearings can be viewed online through live streaming. You can also watch live legislative floor action on your local public NET television channel (for Lincoln, this is channel17).  As always, bills and amendments will also be posted on the Legislature's website, under the Search Current Bills application .

News & Announcements

  • The Nebraska Speech-Language-Hearing Endowment Fund (NSHLEF) is offering two $1,000 scholarships. Apply by June 30th.

  • Participate in Fluency Enhancing Tactile Speech for Those Who Stutter Study

    The Wheat Lab at The University of Mississippi is researching the use of a smartphone app that provides fluency enhancing tactile speech for those who stutter. During this clinical trial, we are providing a free app for either iOS or Android, such that we can measure the effects of pulsating tactile vibrations on stuttering frequency. This is an open clinical trial, and we can accept English speaking participants from all over the country; During these weekly sessions over video conference, participants will be asked to share with us their experiences with the app, as well as provide some speech samples. Contact to participate.

  • looking for currently practicing speech‐language pathologists who routinely assess cognitive skills to complete this 15-20 minute online survey. Results from this study will help researchers understand current cognitive assessment practices, define strengths and weaknesses of available assessments, and determine next steps for future assessment creation.

  • Participants will work collaboratively to develop appropriate and functional AAC intervention goals for clients with aphasia, based on their classifications with the AAC-Aphasia Framework.

  • We invite you to become a member of the Nebraska Speech-Language-Hearing Association (NSLHA). Help strengthen our speech-language pathology and audiology profession by participating in professional development opportunities, and by advocating for the rights and interests of persons with communication disorders.

  • Continue to receive membership services, participate in professional development opportunities, and receive advocacy support. NSLHA is a strong voice working on behalf of its members to advocate for speech, language, and hearing services.