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NSLHA's mission is to promote services for speech, language, hearing, swallowing and related disorders in Nebraska; to encourage education and research activities; and to advocate for the rights of persons with communication disorders. Learn more.

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News & Announcements

  • Claire Selin, a doctoral student at the University of Kansas, is investigating how pediatric language impairments managed across clinical settings. If you are a practicing speech-language pathologist who works with children, you are invited to complete this web-based survey. Please direct any questions to cselin2@ku.edu. Thank you for your time and participation!

  • Join us in Omaha, NE on July 29-31, 2016 to learn how to make the biggest difference for young children with autism and their families. The More Than Words workshop has just been updated to provide you with even more effective tools for zeroing in on the very specific needs of young children with autism and addressing those needs with evidence-based, family-centered techniques. Updates include a new assessment and goal-setting framework, as well as enhanced intervention strategies that target the most important areas of difficulty for children with autism. Click Here for more information.

  • New approaches for assessing and treating communication in early communicators will be discussed and taught. Participants will learn methods to improve peer communication and interactions by using iPads within a peer-mediated intervention. The evidence base for the assessments and interventions discussed will be shared as part of this presentation. Participants will gain strategies that they can immediately use with individuals on their caseload who currently communicate nonverbally or with only a few words.

  • The 2016 National Conference on CAS will consider each child with CAS and not just their speech skills, but also their overall language, educational and developmental needs. The conference will be held in Itasca, Illinois at Eaglewood Resort and Spa, July 7 - 9, 2016.

  • Joel Edwards, Au.D. from Boys Town National Research Hospital is presenting a webinar on Tinnitus Management Considerations on Thursday, May 12th from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Up to 0.2 ASHA CEUs are available.

  • NSLHA Road Shows Fall 2016

    NSLHA has received a Cohesive Legislative Advocacy Grant through ASHA to host Road Shows this fall in each of NSLHA’s six regions. The road shows will focus on education and information about legislative issues; help address the needs of audiologists, speech-language pathologists and students; and provide information about how citizen advocacy and relationship building with state senators makes a difference.